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Creative Minds® Parow is the test training centre for the Creative Minds® group. All new training material gets tested here before it is distributed to the rest of the Creative Minds training centers.

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10 reasons why you should use Creative Minds® as your training provider

  1. 20 years’ experience in End-User computer training;
  2. Friendly and professional tutors, who are on top of their game;
  3. Relaxed ambiance to help you to learn;
  4. MICT Seta accredited training;
  5. Value for money, we are probably not the cheapest training company, but then, you get what you pay for…
  6. Training in all the latest versions of software;
  7. Step-by-step training manuals written by humans for humans, no technical over-the-top terms that intimidates you. Creative Minds® step-by-step training manuals will be your go to reference when you need assistance in performing tasks on your computer;
  8. Creative Minds® customise your course package to suit your specific training needs;
  9. Plenty of individual attention from your Creative Minds® tutor;
  10. On-site training option available for companies.

Some of our corporate customers are:

Why use Creative Minds® for your Pastel Partner Training

For all the reasons above, plus:

Hands on practical training. Creative Minds® adds even more value to your standard Pastel Partner training with their own unique training manual to boost your processing skills in Pastel. This Creative Minds® Computerized Accounting course forms part of the prescribe Sage Pastel course and is not available as a separate course.

Comprehensive preparation for your official Pastel exam is included in our Creative Minds®  Pastel training package.

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Your friendly Creative Minds tutors: Rubyda and Benedicta (Bea)

Creative Minds® Parow had the privileged to host training for twenty seven members of the South African Police Forensic Department.

All the members did Word 2010 Level 2, Excel 2010 Level 2, Outlook 2010 Level 2, PowerPoint 2010 Level 2 and Access 2010 Level 2. Some members also completed Excel and Word 2010 Level 3.

Training was scheduled for two weeks, from 9h00 to 16h00 every day. We served a hot lunch every day at 13h00.

We transformed our offices into three training rooms, our normal training room, the smaller office next to the training room was set up for our usual students, and one more training room was set up.

A “cafeteria” where we served refreshments and lunch was set up in the admin office.

It worked well and everybody was happy.

We received wonderful feedback from all the SAP members as they were not used to this level of service and training.

I feel that we added hugely to building the Creative Minds® brand by taking on this training challenge, and I would like to congratulate and thank the team for their positive input.


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Address:  157 1st Ave, Parow, Cape Town (just off McIntyre Road)

Tel no:     0219396344

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