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October 2018

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The current economic situation in South Africa is presenting a huge challenge for all of us on a daily basis. Job-uncertainty and the large percentage of jobless people is making everyone a little bit fearful and uneasy about our own financial situations.

If there ever was a more fitting and especially critical time to sharpen up your computer skills to enable you to stand out in the workplace, this is the time!

Do not let any chance to immediately improve your job prospects, slip by in this last quarter of the year.

With a Creative Minds® / Cyber-Minds Training Institute, short computer course, you can get positive results quickly and build your cv to give yourself a fighting chance.

Just call your nearest Creative Minds® branch for a discussion and find out how easy it is to make a huge difference in your computer skill set with the right computer course just for you!

Creative Minds® offers the complete range of end-user computer course on Microsoft and Sage Pastel.

More than 45000 students have successfully completed the almost every single short computer course successfully at our friendly Creative Minds® training branches over the past few years!

Be part of this elite group!







Justine’s Journey with Creative Minds® (Must read)

Justine is a 36-year-old mother of two little children. She came to us with very little knowledge of computers and she wisely decided to contact Creative Minds® Head Office in Parow, Cape Town, to ask about our computer course and how she could improve her employability.

She was initially quite scared:

  • She felt inadequate, as she had a very limited range of computer knowledge;
  • She was painfully aware that she needed computer skills to give her children the necessary help with their school projects and with the research of topics;
  • Justine knew that her CV was falling well short, because of her gaping lack of computer course not listed on it;
  • Justine was anxious and did not know where and how to start her journey to becoming computer literate

When she met the training staff at Creative Minds® Parow, they carefully guided her and gave her a meaningful and easy starting point: Creative Minds® Introduction to computers combined with Microsoft Windows Level 1 (Beginner).

After her very first computer training session, at our Creative Minds®, Justine felt a lot more at ease and was so excited that she signed up for the complete Beginner computer course bundle with Creative Minds®. She readily admits that she already felt confident that she would soon become a successful computer user.

Justine quickly and successfully completed the Creative Minds® Beginners computer course, covering the following modules:

  • Introduction to computers with Windows 10;

This computer course starts right at the very beginning and introduce the student to the different components of a computer, how to switch the computer on and off and how to handle the mouse and the keyboard for the first-time user.

This very popular computer course covers:

  • Opening of programs,
  • How to create documents;
  • Saving your documents;
  • Recovering your saved documents;
  • Closing the programs, you were working on
  • What are the various components of the Windows Desktop;
  • What is a Menu Ribbon?

Skills that is needed to operate in the Windows environment that are covered in this module;

  • Minimizing a window,
  • Maximizing a window,
  • Moving and Resizing a window.

Another very important skill is how to select text, and this is intensively covered in this module.

Skills practiced by the student in this part of this computer course are:

  • How to format text;
  • How to move text in a document;
  • Coping text, and
  • Deleting text

Justine really enjoyed the chapter on using MS Paint and showed her creative talent in a free form session. She created this beautiful drawing.

Finally, in this computer course she received adequate time to practice her newly acquired skills before attempting her formative assessment.

This assessment is an open book assessment and on completion of this assessment, a trainer sat down with her to explain where she might have gone wrong and how to correct that. It is also a good time to redo certain parts of the computer course you may have had difficulty with.

  • Word Level 1

This Creative Minds® computer course introduced Justine to the basics of word processing. She learnt how to create a proper word document.

A whole new world of word processing opened up to her and included:

  • The Formatting of text;
  • Changing the Font and Font size;
  • Changing the color of the text;
  • How to Use different styles in a document;
  • How to use the various Text Effects available to her;
  • An introduction to Text alignment;
  • How to Use the very handy Find and Replace feature;
  • How to Spell check a document.

Justine printed a document for the first time in her life, and what a special moment that was for her!

She created an Invitation to an event and also a covering letter for her CV to only mention a few of the many documents that she crafted on her own after that.

The very handy Microsoft dictionary and its features were introduced to her in this computer course.

All of this was done under the friendly and watchful eyes of her Creative Minds® trainers. She could simply ask whenever she felt unsure or needed assistance.

When Justine felt ready to complete the open book assessment, she arranged a date with her trainer and on did the assessment easily and without stress. Upon completion of this assessment, her trainer sat down with her and clarified any problem issues that she still felt unsure about.

Justine was now well on her way to being computer literate. It was very satisfying to see how excited she was to see the benefit of all her work and time spent. She decided to take the next step and invested in buying her first laptop, which was also an exciting experience for us all.


  • Excel Level 1

The next and third computer course in the Creative Minds® Beginners’ Package that Justine embarked upon was Excel level 1.

Justine has a good understanding of mathematic concepts, and this made this particular computer course very exciting for her, as it is largely based on creating formulas to manipulate figures and mathematical equations.

To start with she was introduced to:

  • The Excel screen or window;
  • The Excel Menu Ribbon and Workplace;
  • Moving the cursor about on a worksheet;
  • The formula bar (input bar);
  • Different types of cells in a spreadsheet.

New terms like rows, columns, cells and the formula bar were explained to her. She learnt how to do basic input of data into a spreadsheet.

In the section on “manipulating data in Excel”, the following new skills were covered:

  • Moving data in cells;
  • Copying cells;
  • Changing data in cells;
  • Deleting data in cells

She also got to know the basic formulas frequently used in Excel – Adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplication.

Learning how to format a spreadsheet to present a professional looking document is a satisfying and creative endeavor for many people.

The many and various Printing options were introduced to Justine and she was very thrilled to learn how to repeat the headings of a list of data on all printed pages.

During the computer course, she was shown how to create a basic budget and how to use these formulae practically.

The following Special functions were covered in this section:

  • Spell checking a spreadsheet;
  • Finding and replacing text in a spreadsheet;
  • Using the automatic Fill feature;
  • Using Help;
  • Saving the spreadsheet in Portable Document Format

Justine had to interrupt her computer course for a couple of weeks in order to attend to an urgent family matter in Zaire. This interruption had no negative influence on her studies, because Creative Minds® training method allow for each student to train at their own pace and in their own timeframe. Consequently, she did not miss any lectures or part of her computer course, like she would have, in any other training environment outside of a Creative Minds®.

When she returned from Zaire, she continued with her Excel computer course. After a couple of sessions to catch up, she did a revision and then passed her formative assessment with flying colors!

Every Creative Minds® computer course is aligned to the relevant Unit Standards of SAQA.

Creative Minds® Head office is accredited by MICT Seta.

What’s next? she asked.

Justine, like so many other students, became a regular at Creative Minds® and a bond grew between her and all of us at the training centre.

When she graduated and received her Creative Minds® Beginners computer course certificate, we were all in tears – happy ones!

Justine said that she knew that she was in good hands, and that we will assist her to succeed. That spurred her on to decide to take the Sage Pastel Accounting computer course with Creative Minds®. Having this computer course on a CV, can put you far above other applicants and is a very impressive skill to have for a job candidate.

Justine is still playing with the idea to possibly start her own part-time business and she will need to keep track of the financial side of this endeavor.

The duration of the Sage Pastel Accounting computer course is anything from 35 to 45 hours. Creative Minds® work on flexi-time training and students can choose a time slot convenient for them.

This computer course can be taken full time or part time. The training is practical, hands-on, with loads of positive coaching from our experienced trainers.

The Sage Pastel computer course starts with:

  • Installing the Sage Pastel software;
  • Resolving any Errors;
  • Registering the Sage Pastel software;
  • Navigating Sage Partner;
  • Function and Shortcut keys;
  • Sage Pastel Utilities

The Sage Pastel computer course covered the following on the setup of accounts:

  • Creating a new company in Pastel;
  • Using the Auto Setup feature;
  • Setting up Users;
  • Making a Backup and Restoring a company;
  • Editing the master files for customers, suppliers and inventory;
  • Creating accounts for individual customers and suppliers;
  • Creating Inventory items and services

When all the accounts are set up, the computer course concentrates on the processing side of things:

  • Invoices, Credit Notes for customers;
  • Supplier Invoices, Return and Debit notes;
  • Cash Book payments and receipts;
  • Controlling Inventory

This is followed by the end of month processes:

  • Cash Book reconciliations;
  • Reconciliation of supplier accounts;
  • Monthly Customer Statements;
  • Customer Age Analysis;
  • Correction Journals

The last section of this computer course, covers:

  • Viewing of Financial Reports;
    • Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Movement
  • Vat Reporting
    • Tax Type Report
    • Box Report

Justine progressed through this computer course at a steady pace. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and she could see-in a practical way how she would implement her knowledge in her own part time business.

She specially took time off to study for her upcoming Pastel exam. She received specific instructions and practical suggestions from the Creative Minds® trainers on her preparation for this exam which she followed to the letter.

The Pastel exam is a two-hour on-line exam and the required pass rate is 75%. Justine scored a stellar 92% in this exam. Take a look at this video to see how proud she is about her success.

To be able to list her Creative Minds® Computer course and her Sage Pastel computer course on her CV is a going to be a huge boost for her going into the future. She is brimming with confidence and she now know that she will land that dream job-interview in the very near future.

We, at Creative Minds® are extremely grateful to be part of this great accomplishment by Justine!

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