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Approximately 56 Hours

77-725 Word 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration, and Communication
Mentoring Assets (1)
Mentoring 77-725 Word 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration, and Communication
Courses (12)
Working with the Interface and Performing Basic Tasks in Word 2016
Formatting Text in Word 2016
Customizing Options and Using Document Views in Word 2016
Creating and Formatting Tables in Word 2016
Headers, Footers, Page Numbering, and Layout in Word 2016
Using the Navigation Pane and Creating Lists in Word 2016
Using Illustrations, Styles, and Themes in Word 2016
Designing and Formatting Illustrations in Word 2016
Advanced Table Customization in Word 2016
Maintaining, Protecting, and Reviewing Documents in Word 2016
References, Proofing, Mail Merges, and Forms in Word 2016
Sharing and Collaborating on Documents in Word 2016

77-727 Excel 2016: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation
Mentoring Assets (1)
Mentoring 77-727 Excel 2016: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation
Courses (14)
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Creating, Editing, and Saving Workbooks
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formatting Data
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Data Presentation Strategies
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formulas and Functions
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Charts, Tables, and Images
Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate: Customizing Views, Styles, and Templates
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Creating Custom Visual Effects
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Working with Data
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Macros and Advanced Queries
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: PivotTables and Advanced Charts
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Share, Review, and Collaborate
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Apps and What-if Analysis
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Power Pivot, Custom Formatting, Fills, and Forms
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Accessibility, Transforming Data, and Errors
77-729: PowerPoint 2016 Core Presentation Design and Delivery Skills
Courses (13)
Introduction to the PowerPoint 2016 Interface and Basic Tasks
Modifying and Formatting Slides in PowerPoint 2016
Formatting Text Boxes and Working with Graphic Content in PowerPoint 2016
Working with Graphic, Audio, and Video Content in PowerPoint 2016
Constructing and Modifying Tables and Charts in PowerPoint 2016
Creating Photo Albums, Sections, Transitions, and Animations in PowerPoint 2016
Using Hyperlinks, Actions, and Comments in PowerPoint 2016
Using Slide Show Presentation Tools in PowerPoint 2016
Customizing Proofing and Default Options in PowerPoint 2016
Sharing and Protecting Presentations in PowerPoint 2016
Exporting Presentations and Compressing Media in PowerPoint 2016
Designing Effective PowerPoint Presentations
Using Slide Masters and Slide Elements to Optimize Impact

77-731: Outlook 2016 Core Communication, Collaboration and Email Skills
Courses (12)
Getting to Know Outlook 2016
Managing Conversations and E-mail in Outlook 2016
Managing Attachments, and Inserting Items and Signatures in Outlook 2016
Organizing Contacts in Outlook 2016
Using the Calendar to Schedule Appointments, Events, and Tasks in Outlook 2016
Configuring and Managing Meetings and Notes in Outlook 2016
Formatting E-mail in Outlook 2016
Configuring Message Options in Outlook 2016
Customizing and Managing Outlook 2016
Managing Automation, Storage, and Tidying Up in Outlook 2016
Managing Contacts, Tasks, and the Calendar in Outlook 2016
Viewing and Configuring Outlook 2016 Backstage Options

77-730: Access 2016 Core Database Management, Manipulation, and Query Skills
Courses (2)
Introduction to the Access 2016 Interface, Database Management, and Tables
Creating Relationships, Queries, Forms and Reports in Access 2016

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