Cloud Certified Professional

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Approximately 25 Hours

Cloud Architect
Courses (13)
Google Cloud Basics
Google Cloud Design
Google Cloud Network Components
Google Cloud Data Storage
Google Cloud Virtual Machine Deployment
Google Cloud Web Applications and Name Resolution
Google Cloud Virtual Machine Configuration
Cloud Identity Management
Google Cloud Programmatic Access
Monitoring & Logging
Cloud Solution Management & Testing
Google Cloud Troubleshooting
CLI Cloud Resource Management

Data Engineer
Courses (15)
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
Google Cloud Platform Storage and Analytics
Deeper through GCP Analytics and Scaling
GCP Network Data Processing Models
Google Cloud Dataproc
Dataproc Architecture
Continued Dataproc Operations
Implementations with BigQuery for Big Data
Fundamentals of Big Query
APIs and Machine Learning
Dataflow Autoscaling Pipelines
Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Cloud ML
GCP Engineering and Streaming Architecture
Streaming Pipelines and Analytics
GCP Big Data and Security

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