Sage Pastel Advanced

Course Outline for Sage Pastel Partner Advanced:

Training material that will be used for this course includes prescribed Sage Pastel Advanced training manual.

Duration: 25 – 30 hours

**Each Delegate will receive their own Pastel Demo CD and educational code valid for 6 months

  • Consolidating companies
  • Export / Import
  • Data Integrity
  • Send and Receive Accountant Data
  • Printer / Fonts Setup
  • User Setup
  • Creating a new Entry Type
  • Editing the Tax Box Layout
  • Budgets
  • Projects
  • Depreciation
  • Accruals
  • Purchase of an asset
  • Tax in the general journal
  • Using a salaries and wages control account
  • Multiple delivery addresses
  • Discount and special prices
  • Make One for All feature
  • Accounting for bad debts
  • Additional cost invoices
  • Processing invoices
  • Delete History / Clear Files
  • Delete Inactive Customers / Suppliers
  • Open Item / Balance Forward Conversions
  • Reconcile / Unreconcile Cash Book
  • Renumber Codes
  • Block Customers / Suppliers Assistant
  • On Hold Assistant
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Forms Designer
  • Forms Assistant
  • Mobility
  • Sage Pay
  • My Customers` Zone
  • Pay Now
  • Inventory selling price adjustment
  • Inventory count procedure
  • What the Year End does
  • Preparing to run the year end
  • Year end check list
  • Running the Year End Assistant

On Completion of the course, each delegate will do the official Sage Pastel Intermediate exam.

Duration:           2 hours

Pass rate:         75%

Method:            Online exam

Results will be communicated immediately on completion by Pastel

Certificates to successful candidates will be issued electronically by Sage Pastel

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