Why buy a Franchise as opposed to starting up a new business?

Of course, words like “tried and tested” and “support system” spring to mind. Undoubtedly, those are two essential factors.

Cyber-Minds Training Institutes has the edge.

It is a fact that collaboration and synergy have a place in all areas of life. We would go as far as saying that in the workplace, even more so.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller

Take a minute to introspect.

When you go to the gym, do you have a workout partner? Strangely, most people prefer to work out alone.  However, if you’ve experienced the successful results by pushing yourself with someone else, the idea of working out alone seems somewhat comical.

As Michael Jordan explains, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Most people compete with others on their own level. Yet those seeking rapid growth compete with others who are far advanced. This is what Josh Waitzkin calls “investing in failure.”

An even higher principle is collaborating with others who are far advanced of your current level.

For instance, if you want to get stronger or faster really fast, exercise with people in far better shape. If you want to do incredible work, work with more talented people than yourself from whom you can learn develop and grow.

It appears most effective if each individual helps others to succeed, increasing the synergy of that team; ideally, every person will contribute different skills to increase the efficiency of the team and develop its unity.”

 Another billionaire, Richard Branson, similarly stated, “Build your own business team. Survival in business requires a synergy of skills.”

From these wise words, the concept of Franchises sprung.

Cyber-Minds Training Institutes recognizes the need for  collaborative and synergistic elements. Of course, there is work which is your work. However, that work should be embedded within a group of others and toward something much bigger.

Not only do we believe in the benefits for us as the Franchisor, but there is indeed a deeply altruistic element that gave rise to our motives.

We believe that we have created a business model that is a winning formula and thus do not believe in reinventing the wheel.

Moreover, we have taken the need for education, especially in the field of technology, which is our ever present and future ingredient to grow develop and succeed, to the person wanting to invest in an established business with a history of success. In terms of social responsibility and community involvement, we all become tools in the most effective toolboxes with far reaching positive effects. We do this by reaching out to those who would not otherwise be in a position to access and squire such invaluable knowledge and experience. This is the success of the Block chain that Cyber-Minds Training Institutes has created. Stand back and examine the domino effect of success.

It is fulfilling to know that you are responsible for more than just yourself. The point is, you are responsible for other people’s success. Moreover, in many ways, their success is your success. Their growth and development are just as satisfying as your own — sometimes more.

These are the turnkey motivating factors as to why Cyber-Minds Training Institutes decided to Franchise their successful business model.

Author: Marius Lubbe

Copyright Cyber-Minds (PTY) Ltd

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