Why buying a refurbished computer is the way to go?

  • A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
  • Long-term Reliability and out-of-box Quality
  • Going Green
  • Give a Little Helping Hand
  • Have you made a decision yet…?

Cyber-Minds are proponents of using refurbished computers, whether laptops or desktops. We urge our students, Cyber-Minds branches and even at head office to rather buy quality refurbished computers and electronics like tablets from refurbishers like Universe Direct. We personally buy and recommend Windows based products, but some other users may like to get an Apple product, which is also available from them.

Ever wanted that brand-new Apple MacBook or high-end Windows Laptop but couldn’t afford it? Why not consider buying a refurbished one, instead? You may be suitably cautious when weighing up the pros and cons of purchasing a refurbished computer, but let’s face it; a new computer can be expensive. Well, cost is just one of the many reasons to consider buying a refurbished computer. All things considered, refurbished computers are great value for money.

And, we’re here to tell you why refurbished is the way to go…

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

As the saying goes, it’s just as useful to save money that you already have as it is to earn more. Given today’s economic climate, it is more pertinent and beneficial than ever, to consider buying a refurbished a computer. Without a doubt, the biggest advantage with buying refurbished is the cost. A refurbished computer provides the same functionality and reliability as a brand new computer, but comes at a fraction of the cost. The only major difference between the two, being that the new computer is a bit shinier. But, all that glitters is not gold.

If you’re not too concerned about the odd minor cosmetic imperfection, there is no doubt that a refurbished computer will save you money. On average, buying a refurbished computer can save you as much as 50%, when compared to an equivalent new computer. With more specialised computer equipment, such as servers, that saving can be substantially more. Best of all, these savings do not mean having to compromise on quality or reliability, either.

Since 2000, Universe Direct has been South Africa’s largest distributor and seller of refurbished computers, offering the best deals at highly competitive prices.

Long-term Reliability and out-of-box Quality

Today, refurbished computers can be considered to be on equal footing with new computers, when it comes to quality and reliability. With the advances made in the refurbishing industry, refurbished computers are put through the same rigorous quality checks that new computers would be, before being sold and distributed, to ensure long-term reliability, and out-of-box quality.

Universe Direct spares no expense, to ensure that refurbished computers are fully tested, and refurbished, in accordance with the guidelines of the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher program. Refurbished computers are sold with a one year warranty, that can even be extended to either two or three years, and come pre-installed with Genuine Microsoft software. Also included with the warranty, is telephonic and remote, or online, support. In the event of any kind of hardware failure, warranty turn-around times can be significantly shorter than with a new computer, as repairs are not outsourced to a third party, providing the peace of mind of always knowing where the computer is, and who is working on it.

Going Green

As has been pointed out, the biggest factor in anyone’s decision, is cost. But, another big advantage of buying a refurbished computer is that it’s beneficial to the environment. We shouldn’t be so quick to ignore our individual responsibility to reducing our carbon footprint. Consumer culture today, can take its toll on the environment, and buying a refurbished computer, ensures that you do your part to reduce electronic waste, by giving that pre-owned computer a new lease on life.

It just so happens to be that electronic waste is the fastest growing stream of waste, world-wide. In 2018 alone, it is estimated that about 49.8 million tons of electronic waste will be generated, world-wide, with an annual growth of 4 -5 percent. By buying refurbished computers, this trend can be slowed down, and combated. Electronic waste can be any electronic device that is no longer wanted, or has become obsolete, even if it is still in perfect working condition. In an ever-evolving technological era, consumers are switching out their working computers for newer, shinier models, too soon, and very often, unnecessarily. Consider that, more often than not, you don’t need the latest and greatest. Whether you’re sending emails, reading blogs, checking Facebook, or watching Netflix, a refurbished computer is up to the task.

Now, we’re not saying that technological advancements aren’t a good thing, because they are, but electronic waste is not a good thing, for anyone. The environmental impact of electronic waste is devastating to sensitive eco-systems and to the environment, in general. Every piece of equipment that is thrown away, is more often than not landfilled, and the harmful chemicals that each of these items have the potential to produce, is released into the environment. But here’s the good news, by simply deciding to purchase a refurbished computer, instead of a new one, you are keeping an older item in circulation and out of the landfill. That means you’re already helping reduce your carbon footprint.

Give a Little Helping Hand

Refurbished computers not only benefit the environment, but also have a positive socio-economic effect. Many refurbishers, like Universe Direct, donate and provide access to refurbished computers, to underprivileged communities, helping to bridge the technological gap, and help empower these communities.  By buying refurbished computers, you are indirectly supporting these communities, as well.

On the other hand, if you have old computer equipment gathering dust, that’s still very much operational and merely outdated and you don’t necessarily need nor want the hassle associated with selling it, direct donation may be the way to go. It’s amazing how far technology has come and in such a short period of time too, (what seemed like only yesterday, the reliable Nokia 3310 was once considered one of the flashiest mobile devices around- anyone remember playing Snakey?) as well as the impact computers and technology have in the lives of the average individual. We live in an era where technology is now a necessity and through Mico, a sister company of Universe Direct, you can choose to do a direct donation of your old computer equipment, which is a lot easier than trying to sell or trade in. Where you may no longer see value in an older piece of equipment, we at Mico do. The computer you donate may just end up helping children in a school lab, foster home or other community centres in South Africa. Altruism can be contagious, and the simple act of helping individuals in need and the feeling created by assisting those who would otherwise be unable to gain access to technology, well that’s priceless.

Have you made a decision yet…?

When making an informed decision on whether to purchase new or refurbished, think about why you need it, the purpose of it, and whether or not a previously used computer will be just as effective as a brand new one? In most cases, the pros of purchasing a factory refurbished computer will far outweigh the small con of a few minor cosmetic imperfections.

Author: Michelle Swinerd and Marius Rohlandt

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