Thank you for enquiring about our business.  The specific costs are discussed in the attached document and are dependent on the area you are interested in.

From 1 August 2018, Creative Minds® will change its franchise model and in future trade as Cyber-Minds Training Institute. Existing Creative Minds® branches may continue trading on the old platform if they so wish, but new branches will be trading under the Cyber-Minds model and tradename.

If you are interested in getting a master franchise for a whole country please let us know and we will send you the necessary details.

Please submit the application with the specific town, township or area you are interested in opening a Cyber-Minds Training Institute® Training Centre, and I will send you info on financing etc.

If you are interested in getting a primary co-operative ( 3 or more community members) together for a community, a town or small town with the majority of members being Black and /or Black women, you can get R500 000 grant money from the dept. of Social Development for your community project via the Small Enterprise Finance Agency. You will have to prove a legitimate project for a community co-operative. We do  not recommend the NEF as an good agency to apply to for finance at this stage.

Prices shown are in South African Rand. We also support you with our ongoing SEO to make the Cyber Minds brand visible online.

Please see the attached documents for some background details of Cyber-Minds:



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