This course covers the advanced HTML5 and JavaScript feature that can be used for client side input and form validation. The course aligns with the Microsoft 70-480 exam.

Target Audience
Experienced web and software developers who are interested in taking the Microsoft 70-480 exam


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Advanced Input Validation


  • start the course
  • work with the HTML5 autofocus, autocomplete, required, and placeholder attributes
  • use the HTML5 pattern attribute and use regular expressions to limit data entry for a field
  • use the HTML5 number attributes max, min, and step to control numeric data entry into a field
  • use styling to let a user know when a field is required and if the data entered is valid
  • validate textual data entered into a field
  • validate numeric data that is entered into a field
  • detect and prevent a user from leaving a field empty
  • validate date and time data that is entered into a field
  • working with validation concepts that can be used for password validation
  • use the onSubmit Form attribute to validate all data before allowing a form to submit
  • use HTML5 and JavaScript to provide client side input validation

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