In this course, you will learn the advanced features of CSS, including creating content layouts and manipulating the CSS based on the device media characteristics. This course aligns with the Microsoft 70-480 exam.

Target Audience
Experienced web and software developers who are interested in taking the Microsoft 70-480 exam


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Advanced CSS


  • start the course
  • create and style a multi-column layout with a fixed number of columns
  • create and style a grid content layout
  • use CSS Exclusions to wrap text in order to surround elements
  • use CSS Regions to dynamically flow data into regions on a web page
  • use CSS Media Queries to detect the capabilities of a device and style content based on those characteristics
  • work with Media Query characteristics to adjust styling to create a responsive design
  • use the print media type to style a web page differently when it is printed
  • use Content Layouts and Media Queries to style a web page

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