Email is still the primary mode of communication in corporate environments, despite a lot of popular communication platforms like WhatsApp and even Facebook Messenger. When you want to connect to customers and have a more formal communication format, email is still the preferred option. Email is not perfect as you will be very aware of the many spam and unwanted advertising you get daily.

For Windows users who access email services through web browsers there are many options that we will cover in a future article. Web-based email clients provide an ease of access and eliminate the hassle of installing updates every next day, however dedicated email clients for Windows have their own set of advantages. The uppermost is the ability to manage multiple accounts from different email services through a single user interface. You can’t get your Outlook or company emails in Gmail, can you?

So, we must then ask ourselves: what is the best email client? At this junction we’d like to tell you about some good quality email applications for Windows 10 that you will want to consider. What’s important is that you don’t need to pay for them. So, if you don’t like one, you can make a switch to another when you want.

Best Email Clients for Windows 10 – Organize Your Inbox

Mail & Calendar (Windows 10 Mail and Calendar – built in app.)

mail and calendar


With Mail & Calendar app in Windows 10, you don’t need to go to the trouble of setting up and get your program running. Without promoting Windows, we have to admit that this is probably, the best free email client, the Mail app comes pre-installed with Windows 10. Mail is the free alternative to Microsoft Outlook that’s bundled with Microsoft Office.

Although Windows 10 Mail app is limited in features when compared to Outlook 2016, it doesn’t skimp in features. This free email client for Windows isn’t just limited to Microsoft’s email addresses, you can connect your Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, corporate email, and many other email services that support IMAP and POP. The app works nicely on touch devices and provides several its own customizable swipe gestures for touch screens.

It is reported by our testers and frequent users of Mail & Calendar, that it is fast, fluid and has a nice visual appearance.

You can interact with your emails in separate inboxes or merge your accounts to display all the emails in a single inbox. The Windows 10 Email app also supports automatic replies for the days when you’re not able to respond to your emails. The program has a unique feature that will organise all your important emails in a “Focused” inbox and the rest of the mails in the “Other” tab.

Users have the option to have different personalization possibilities, you can ornament the Windows 10 mail app with various backgrounds, change font colors, and choose between themes.



In our opinion, the best email client for Windows made by a third party is Mailbird.

Mailbird is laden with many features. You can easily manage your multiple email accounts in this program. It doesn’t matter what email provider you use, Mailbird can connect to it and dish up your email in the combined inbox called Unified inbox. It includes a dark theme and many different backgrounds in its appearance options. You can choose between the default and a Mozilla Thunderbird style layout, which we do not recommend.

One of the many handy features in this email app is called the Speed Read that helps users to skip through their many emails quickly. In addition to being able to handle different email accounts, Mailbird permits users to add different Identities, so that they can send emails from a different email ID that’s not connected to Mailbird itself.

Impressively, this free email app isn’t just for using email accounts. Mailbird enables you to add many add-ons to use WhatsApp, Slack, Google Docs, and other services without exiting the app. The only drawback is that the free version of Mailbird limits the user to only one account. For more accounts, there is Mailbird Pro.



The next option in the field of emailers that we see as some of the best email clients for Windows 10, we have the following.

eMClient will please you with its good but simple looks. We recommend the dark theme which makes it look even better.

eMClient’s clean interface would please users who like to keep things simple. This email app doesn’t have fancy animations or special effects, but an provides an extensive list of features that helps it stand among the best programs out there.

One of the things that we observed during the setup was the short time it took to sync emails. This was way quicker in comparison to Mailbird. In fact, Mailbird was giving notifications for almost every mail it synced which was more than annoying.

You can manage everything from your email account, calendar, contacts, and chat support. eMClient supports PGP encryption so can send your emails securely.

What’s more is that this email client comes with a built-in spell checker, language translator, delayed send, etc. It’s all capable search bar can find things from the inbox, calendar, attachments, etc. It also includes to-do-list manager to help you get through the day without missing deadlines and important work.

There are some serious limitations. While there are no restrictions on the features, the free version of eMClient only allows you to add up to two email accounts. For more, you’ll have to go for the Pro version, which you have to pay for.



This great old open source mailer, Mozilla Thunderbird is still among the top-rated email programs for Windows 10. It is somewhat ugly, and clunky to use, but the free email software packs enough muscles to compete against other Windows email software if you are prepared for the steeper learning curve.

Thunderbird can automatically filter the junk out of your inbox, provides phishing protection, supports Do Not Track, and more. Just like Firefox, you can install add-ons to extend its capabilities.

The reason why it’s one of the best email clients is that there is no paid version of Thunderbird. So, there is no restriction on the features offered by this popular email app.

Author: Marius Lubbe

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