Building your career with basic IT skills.

Path: Basic computer literacy skills.

The beginners basic path to a career in IT.

The road you must follow to become an IT expert and earn the big bucks, start with what may seem like a very insignificant step.


The reason to become computer literate is to lay a foundation for yourself going into the future. Each step on this ladder supports the one above it.

Your first real goal is to become an IT expert in Desktop support. That means you will earn money by supporting computer users at your company with problems they may run into with Windows, Office and their internet and email.

If you are lucky enough to be sponsored by a parent to continue studying full time instead of having to work to support your own learning by being a desktop computer support staffer at a company, you will still need these skills in your career going forward.

By becoming computer literate, we mean being skilled in Windows 10 and Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook and Internet. On all these you will start on level one and progress to level two and in some cases level three.

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