Excel Level 3 PLUS

This course is only available at one of our training centres and not for online training

  1. Importing Text Files
    1. Dragging and dropping Text
    2. Importing and Linking a Text File
    3. Refreshing Linked Data
    4. Exporting Data
  2. Named Ranges
  3. Working with Large Documents
  4. Conditional Formatting
  5. Filtering Data
  6. Data Forms
  7. Sorting Data
  8. Subtotals
  9. Charts
    1. Elements of a Chart
    2. Formatting a Chart
  10. Objects
  11. Linking and Consolidating Worksheets
  12. Linking Workbooks
    1. Consolidate Data from Multiple Worksheets
    2. Consolidate by Categories
    3. Consolidate by Position
  13. Hide/ Unhide
    1. Columns
    2. Rows
    3. Worksheets
  14. Advanced Display Features
    1. Changing Cell Gridlines
    2. Displaying and Printing Formulas
    3. Adding Color to Worksheet Tabs
    4. Adding a Background to a Worksheet
  15. Macros
    1. Creating a Macro
    2. Running a Macro
    3. Creating a Macro to Identify Data
    4. Creating a Macro to Format Data
    5. Assigning a Macro to a Tool button
  16. Functions
    1. Date and Time Worksheet Functions
    2. Text Functions
    3. Mathematical Functions
    4. Statistical Functions
    5. Logical Functions
    6. Financial Functions
    7. Look Up and Reference Functions
  17. Using Goal Seek
  18. Scenarios
  19. PivotTables
    1. Adding Fields to a PivotTable
    2. Grouping Items on a PivotTable
    3. Hiding Items on a PivotTable
    4. Using Value Settings
    5. Creating a PivotChart
    6. Preparing a Pivot Report
  20. Protection
  21. Assessing your Knowledge

Intermediate Course

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