Creative Minds® is the brand of Cyber-Minds (PTY) Ltd, a privately held company in South Africa involved in the education franchise field to small business owners primarily and most successful in the rural and less fortunate areas.

Our founder, Marius Lubbe’s personal and family background is in educational publishing, specifically textbooks in all eleven of the South African languages and an encyclopedia we developed and still own (Wêreldspektrum).

Marius left the book publishing space behind when in 1998, when he started Creative Minds® to teach computer literacy to every member of the family from reading-age to elderly retired people. This we still do and are the market leaders in this field because of our competitive advantage, which is that we are educational enthusiasts and not IT people like most other computer training companies.

We are successful because we care about people, their psychological welfare and self-image during the learning process, shaping our methods to reflect this need.