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In today’s times when the economy is extremely tough and businesses are folding, so too are employees being retrenched.

Being employed no longer provides security, as it is happening all around us that doors are closing.

Many people decide to go out on their own, in the hope of creating their own sense of security.

Thus, the idea of buying into a solid well-established franchise, one that has been tried and tested, provides a sense of security for many people.

Buying a CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES FRANCHISE is affordable, fun and easy.

Having been established for 22 years, our experience has made us market leaders.

CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES® is a group of accredited and proven franchised skills training centres.

Our emphasis is on computer literacy, small business and IT training.

We are firmly entrenched in the most important markets of all: Families, jobseekers, teenagers, mothers, small business owners, big business and government as well as middle-aged and elderly people who all need caring and gentle personal attention instead of the old-fashioned institutionalised mass group training.

When CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES® was started, we designed our system from an educational perspective and not an IT industry view.

Our students are treated like real people, whether 12 years old or a senior citizen. They are treated with care, respect, a personal touch and deep understanding of the fears and self-doubts we all have.

We use this uniquely CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES® method, especially with computer beginners, but find it useful even with advanced IT students.

Continuously building self-confidence and a good self-image with our students is very important as part of our ideal outcome, and our success.

CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES® means using a creative way to teach, stimulate and grow your mind and thinking, and that is our unique proposition as a group.

If you are thinking of buying a CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES® Franchise, you will need to know the following:

What you get:

  • A business model with a 22-year track record.
  • Full training and continued support.
  • Continuous development and new products for a growing and ever-changing market.
  • Great value.

The person to contact is Marius Lubber, CEO of CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES

Cyber-Minds (PTY) Ltd

Telephone:                            +27 (0)21 939 6344

Personal Fax (preferred):  +27 (0)86 552 9073

Company Fax:                       +27 (0)21 930 0079

Cell phone:                             +27 (0)82 785 7763

Cyber-Minds (CYBER MINDS TRAINING INSTITUTES HQ) MICT SETA Accreditation number: ACC 02 000 164

We have more than 20 branches over Southern Africa, for a complete list please visit