How to Recognise Leadership Qualities

What comes to mind when you think of a great leader? As so many people are relying on our guidance and inspiration, it becomes important to look at our habits. Most employees feel motivated to do their best work when they have good leadership support.

So, how do you recognise a reliable strong leader? Here are some important qualities that make a leader stand out.

Leaders know their team

Outstanding results don’t just happen, it involves combined hard work for the team and the leader. When working together, a leader needs to know its team. Team collaboration is in the hands of a leader. Imagine leading a team that you know nothing about. The leader needs to know the strengths and weakness of the team.

A good leader should know everything about every member of his team and look to maximize return on the capabilities of each of them.

Give credit where it’s due

Everybody thrives on praise and recognition. As a leader it is essential to thank and acknowledge the efforts of your team. Always give credit where it is due. If someone even achieves a small feat, praise them. It will boost the morale of the team.

Showing your appreciation as a leader is important to the team members. They all need recognition for their hard work. A good leader prefers using “we” when speaking of triumphs and it goes a long way in their leadership role.

Inspire others to grow

As a leader, if you fail to inspire someone to grow, you will never be recognised for your leadership. Your key responsibility towards your team is more than just managing them.

What makes a leader inspirational? The will to inspire people to reach great heights of performance is a skill that leaders need. Often, when people are void of inspiration they look to their leader to motivate them.

Caring for others

Your team must know that you genuinely care. Always maintain an open – door policy for people to come and talk about their problems. Show concern for those who are stressed or troubled. Demonstrate genuine concern about their well-being and work performance. Take time out of your schedule to support anyone who needs you. To get the best out of the team, care for individual team members to ensure a higher productivity in return.

As a leader, it is important to understand that the people who work for you are real people who need to be satisfied and connected at work. Do your best to ensure that they are both in the right physical as well as mental frame of mind.

Transparency is a leader’s best friend.

It all starts with reaching out to your teams with a thoughtful approach to talk to them about what they are doing. You can’t be a good leader without proper communication skills. You won’t get far without it.

Do not micromanage

If you as a leader have ever been called a control freak, then you are not performing well as a leader.

The best leaders truly understand the art of delegation. Give your team some space as nobody likes to be micromanaged. Stay away from their desks and manage outcomes and not how the outcome is being reached. You will see a major rise in the creative input of your team as well.

To be the leader you can be, have confidence in your people.

Reference: Sandeep Kashyap