The Power of Positivity

The positive experience of receiving a compliment has become a rarity these days. However, compliments are an important aspect of our coexistence. Studies show that praise stimulates and motivates us. According to a study by Duke University, compliments motivate us even more than money.

The power of positivity is often underrated.  Ideally this needs to be instilled from infancy by one’s primary caregiver as that is the person who is the architect, designer and builder of our foundation and formative years. Creating a positive sense of self and a healthy self esteem lies in the hands of our parents, especially our mothers who establish this while carrying us throughout their pregnancy. Studies have indicated the impact of various stimuli upon the unborn child.

The messages that one receives verbally and non-verbally impacts upon us throughout our lives. As we gain insight and develop a sense of understanding and intelligence, we start developing a more defined sense of self. The messages that we receive from those whom we depend upon and respect, create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We believe those early messages that are repeated instilled and reinforced in us.

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to aid us in creating a healthy sense of self.

When we teach our students, it soon becomes evident to us who of them have a good sense of self and who of them don’t. At Creative Minds, we strive to provide positive responses as our students look to us for affirmation. Nothing succeeds like success.

The student who struggles to grasp the concept or makes errors is never treated in a negative or derogatory manner. He is treated with dignity, respect and messages of motivation, instilling in him that he too can achieve. This is what is called the hidden agenda.

The results of such positivity speak for themselves. A positive mind gives rise to a Creative Mind.