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Office 28, 1st Floor, Sonpark Centre, 28 Piet Retief Street, Nelspruit, 1200 P O Box 8966, Nelspruit, 1200

Feeling left out, confused and intimidated by the fast moving computer age?

Watching your colleagues, children and grandchildren at the Computer - in Awe?

Perhaps you want to know more, fit in, to see what all the fuss is about?

Creative MindsŪ for Fun and Easy Computer and Internet Training for the Whole Family! We know how difficult it can be to go for computer training, and we want to assist you in an atmosphere where you can undergo training feeling comfortable. You and your Computer Training are our first priority!

We offer a relaxed atmosphere with personal attention to maximize your training. The opportunity to learn at your own pace without traditional mass training methods! No group pressure!

We would like to help you build your confidence in computer literacy and as a person whilst having fun. It has become a small world with colleagues, friends and relatives stretched all over the globe. Perhaps you would like to communicate with them as cost effectively as possible!

Do you feel shut in by your circumstances? If you are computer Literate you have a world of information at your finger tips! In the work place it has become a necessity to be able to perform basic activities on a computer - with the great success of our courses we cater for the beginner of any age.

We also offer intermediate and more advanced courses. The ICDL is an internationally recognized standard of competence certifying that the holder has the knowledge and skill needed to use the most common computer applications efficiently and productively. To gain the ICDL, the applicant must pass one theoretical and six practical tests.

The ICDL is recognised by major corporations, universities and many countries around the world. This opportunity is to you! Ask Rowena for information in this regard.