Publisher 2013/2016


ms Publisher pic1. Starting MS Publisher
2. Exploring the Publisher Screen
3. Creating a Brochure using a Blank Presentation
4. Creating Page One of the Brochure: Inserting Text in a Publication
5. Editing Text
6. Adding WordArt
7. Inserting an Object
8. Creating Page Two of the Brochure
9. Inserting Tables
10. Inserting Pictures from a File
11. Inserting ClipArt
12. Creating Page Three of the Brochure
13. Rotating Pictures and Grouping of Objects
14. Using the Spell Checker
15. Printing the Brochure
16. Creating a Letterhead
17. Creating a Business / Thank You Card
18. Creating a With Compliments Card
19. Creating a Calendar / Sign
20. Creating a Creating a Christmas Card
21. Creating a Flyer Using a Blank Presentation
22. Changing the Page Set Up
23. Page Orientation
24. Linking Text Boxes
25. Creating a Border
26. Adding a Horizontal Line
27. Viewing the Publication without Guidelines and Print